Holistic Flower Essence Therapy

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Are you a mum wanting to raise your children consciously? The desire to help your children grow into emotionally well-adjusted adults is so important today. In fact, having healthy and happy families is a common goal we all share.
Flower Essences facilitate emotional wellness and what you learn in this course will see you assisting your family and friends to be the best they can be and enable you to run your own business.

Are you a practitioner and looking for that missing link in your practice? Just as Dr Edward Bach observed in his medical practice in the 1930’s the underlying presenting patterns of your clients are often emotional. You know, and see it every day, that how your clients think and feel impacts every aspect of their lives.
Flower Essences facilitate emotional wellness and what you learn in this course will have you transforming people’s lives and assisting them to expand their potential.

Are you looking to understand more about yourself and your inner emotional world? Having the freedom to explore and expand your self-awareness, perception and concept is a rewarding and ever evolving experience. Self-mastery is the goal.
Flower Essences facilitate emotional wellness and what you learn in this course will give you the structure to grow into the best version of yourself and then expand that out to serving others through establishing your own business.

This practitioner level certificate course in flower essence therapy explores the following:

  • Over 300 flower essences covering the Bach, FES, Living Essences, Australian Bush, Tree Frog Farm and Desert Alchemy ranges
  • The Indian Chakra System
  • Chinese Concepts that link emotions to specific organs
  • Basic physiology of the body
  • Metaphysical understandings of illness and disease
  • 15 Psychological Theories
  • Egan Model of Counselling


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Course Content

Module 1
In this module you will explore the introduction of the why, where, who and what of flower essences.

  • Introduction to Flower Essence Therapy
  • Flower Essence Mix
  • Personal Exploration Assessment
  • Module 1 Lesson 1 Quiz Questions
  • Module 1 Lesson 2 Quiz Questions
  • Module 1 Lesson 3 Quiz Questions
  • Module 1 Lesson 4 Quiz Questions

Module 2
Lesson 1: Base Chakra Lesson 2: Kidney and Bladder Lesson 3: Adrenal Gland and Anxiety Lesson 4: stress Lesson 5: Perceptual Psychology Lesson 6: Defense Mechanisms Lesson 7: Assessment: Case Studies

Module 3
Lesson 1: Sacral Chakra Lesson 2: Feminine and Masculine Archetypes Lesson 3: Male Reproductive System Lesson 4: Female Reproductive System

Module 4
Lesson 1: Solar Plexus Chakra Lesson 2: Digestive System Lesson 3: Liver and Gallbladder Lesson 4: Pancreas

Module 5
Lesson 1: Anger Lesson 2: Rational Emotive Therapy Lesson 3: The Foundation of Who You Are - The Boulder Lesson 4: The Foundation of Who You Are - The House Lesson 5: The Foundation of Who You Are - The Roof Lesson 6: False Self-esteem Lesson 7: Assessment: Research Essay

Module 6
Lesson 1: Introduction to the Egan Model of Counselling Lesson 2: Stage 1 Step A Theory Lesson 3: Stage 1 Step A Skills and Practice

Module 7
Lesson 1: Heart Chakra Lesson 2: The Heart and Blood Lesson 3: The Lungs and Grief Lesson 4: Thymus Gland and Problem Ownership

Module 8
Lesson 1: Egan Model Stage 1 Step B Theory Lesson 2: Skills: Questioning Lesson 3: Communication Styles Lesson 4: Creativity Qualities

Module 9
Lesson 1: Throat Chakra Lesson 2: Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands Lesson 3: Lymphatic System

Module 10
Lesson 1: Egan Model Stage 1 Step C Lesson 2: Skills of Challenging Lesson 3: Advance Accurate Empathy Lesson 4: Challenging Lesson 5: Information Giving Lesson 6: Values Lesson 7: Clarifying Feedback Response Lesson 8: "I" Messages

Module 11
Lesson 1: Types of Relationships Lesson 2: Physical Abuse Lesson 3: Sexual Abuse Lesson 4: Demystify the Paedophile Lesson 5: Emotional and Verbal Abuse Lesson 6: Co-dependency Lesson 7: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Lesson 8: Flower Essence Preparation

Module 12
Lesson 1: Egan Model Stage 2 Theory Lesson 2: Stage 2 Step A Lesson 3: Stage 2 Step B Lesson 4: Stage 2 Step C

Module 13
Lesson 1: Brow Chakra Lesson 2: Pituitary Gland Lesson 3: Tools of the Healing Trade Lesson 4: Desert Alchemy Essences

Module 14
Lesson 1: Crown Chakra Lesson 2: Depression Lesson 3: Uses of Flower Essences Lesson 4: The Consultation

Module 15
Lesson 1: Egan Model Stage 3 Theory Lesson 2: Stage 3 Step A Lesson 3: Stage 3 Step B Lesson 4: Stage 3 Step C

Module 16
Lesson 1: Practice Establishment Basics Lesson 2: Strategic Planning Lesson 3: You and Your Business Lesson 4: Branding and Marketing

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