Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner Course

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About Course

The science is in!

EFT reduces cortisol levels in the body by 24 – 48%

EFT is one of the fastest growing and most popular energy techniques available

EFT is a fabulous modality to add to your practitioner toolbox

EFT is easy to learn and apply to your daily life for person healing and growth

EFT is great to use with children

And best of all EFT is simple and easy to use

What Will You Learn?

  • a) Conduct a 60 minute EFT consultation
  • b) Identify energy toxins that may block affectivity of EFT
  • c) Understand the link between emotions and physical and mental illness
  • d) Utilise information about a client’s emotional well-being to explore their personal meaning and how that can be healed using EFT
  • e) Utilise advanced techniques, alternative sequences and a variety in set up statements in a therapeutic setting

Course Content

Module 1 Introduction to EFT
Module 1 explores the basic structures of the Emotional Freedom Technique process providing you with a solid grounding in the purpose and value of this healing modality.

  • Generic Sequence
  • The Sore Spot
  • Short Cut Sequence
  • Super Short Cut Tapping
  • The Brain Balancer
  • Finishing Off Technique
  • Neurological Disorganisation
  • Over Energy Correction
  • Figure Eights
  • What if you feel worse after tapping?
  • Module 1 Quiz

Module 2 Reconnecting Your Foundation
Module 2 explores the foundation of who you are - your self-worth, self-love, self-respect, and self-esteem. It then dives in a little deeper to help you examine self-sabotage, resistance, and injustice of limitations.

Module 3 Let’s Get Physical
Module 3 explores the link between our physical and emotional health.

Module 4 Soulful Healer
Module 4 explores the multiple intelligences created by Howard Gardener and Daniel Goleman's emotional intelligences. It is aimed to be a professional development module that also provides you will an insight to your future clients.

Module 5 Journey of the Heart
Module 5 explores love in all its forms, addiction, co-dependency, and grief.

Module 6 Success and Abundance
Module 6 explores deeper topics like shame, illusion and shadow work. More advanced clearing strategies are discussed and the module finishes off exploring the concepts found in the books of Carolyn Myss and Emoto and use them to create tapping scripts.

Module 7 Practice Establishment
Module 7 explores the core components you need to consider when setting up your practice.

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