Break the Mould

By Leonie Categories: Personal Growth
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This month-long personal development mini course helps you break habits and patterns that are holding you back. Each week consists of:

1. A Tapping Session

2. The Learning Hub

3. A Strategy for Personal Growth

Week 1 starts strong with a tap-along called Sick and Tired. The learning hub is called Peeling the Layers and the strategy introduces you to Consciousness Writing.

Week 2 builds with the webinar Unmet Needs Stored in the Body which teaches you how to use the Empowered Tapping script to clear unmet needs stored in the body that are interfering with optimal health. The learning hub is called All Roads Lead to Rome to help take pressure off where you start in your healing journey and the strategy discusses Flower Essences.

Week 3 has the theme of conditioning which is essential to understand and transform for change to occur. The tap-along specifically enables you to insert the impact your conditioning has had on you. The learning hub conditioning discusses what conditioning is and how to identify its impact on you. The strategy is journaling, which is highly useful when exploring conditioning and yes, its impact on you.

Week 4 rounds out the month with two tap-along sessions that will help take off some pressure. The first tap-along helps with anxiety from Trying Too Hard and the second helps us shift our perspective from feeling pressured to supported with the Double the Focus tapping. The learning hub explores how getting them to work together can help you manage your life more effectively. The strategy of Creative Visualisation utilises the brain’s ability to visualise your future as if it is your reality now.

The two bonuses will give you plenty to tap on in the month ahead. They are Proportional Response and Life is too hard.


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Course Content

Week 1

  • Tap-along: Sick and Tired
  • Learning Hub: Peeling the Layers
  • Strategy: Consciousness Writing

Week 2
This Webinar explores

Week 3
Tap-along: Conditioning Tapping

Week 4


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